Supercharged V8 Mk3 Capri
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Ben Gott Racing in his mid engined Rover V8 Off Road Buggy.

This Buggy has a Supercharger & intercooler system designed by SC Power


Nick Simpsons in car footage of his drive round Cadwell on a TVRCC track day in his SC450 Chimaera

Part 1

Part 2 of Nicks in car footage

Andy Race tests SC Power's aero kit on his Dunlop Tuscan Challenge Griffith round Snetterton on a cold January track day. 5mins

Low - 30mb

High - 50mb

SC Power video footage of TVR Monsters annual tour to the Nurburgring and Spa

Journey to the ring Part 1 - 7mins 9sec

Low - 26mb

High - 104mb


Journey to the ring Part 2 - 4mins 37sec

Low - 17mb

High - 66.5mb


Half a lap of the ring with Andy Race driving his Tuscan Challenge Griffith - 7mins

Low - 25mb

High - 100mb


Half a lap of the ring with the SC500 - 4mins 40

Low - 16.5mb

High - 66mb

Full lap round the Ring - 10mins 30

Low - 39mb

High - 113mb

Full lap round the Ring at double speed - 5mins 25

Low - 20mb

High - 78mb

2007 Dunlop Tuscan Challenge at Oulton Park

SC Power and TVR Power test all three supercharged cars with EVO magazine in the wet round Mallory Race Circuit

SC500 on TVR Power's rolling road

SC450 on the rolling road for the first time

TVR Car Club's Brands Hatch track day with the SC400 2006

An unsilenced SC400 at the Blackpool Back home meet 2006 - 11mb - 50sec