Race car performance

SC Power supercharger systems transform your car to Supercar performance, the power of the SC450/SC500 being comparative to cars running in the Tuscan Challenge race series, that’s quick.
With around 360hp+ of very usable performance the driver can experience race car levels of acceleration, the drive through 100mph pushing you back in your seat, that’s exhilaration.

The 4.0 litre engine is a very responsive and free revving unit making it a pleasure to drive.  The SC400 system retains this quality and with around 300+bhp available delivers superior drive-ability and performance to 5.0 litre engines.
The base SC400 system increases performance by about 40% over the standard build, this taking it to 500 power levels.  The Intercooler system can be fitted retrospectively if the adrenalin kicks in and more power s wanted.

Customers who later fitted the intercooler system with an aftermarket ECU have achieved 385BHP, not bad for a stock engined 4.0L!!!

The change to 4.0 litre performance is quite astounding and is very noticeable when accelerating in 4th and 5th gear through the 100mph barrier.  It just keeps going.


 SC Supercharger Systems increase engine horsepower and torque by approximately 40% generating an additional 80+bhp of power.
 The performance increase is evident throughout the rev range, with the added bonus of an improvement in overall fuel economy of around 10% when cruising, due to the improvement in overall combustion efficiency.
Drive-ability of the V8 is better than the standard engine with the capacity to drive in 5th gear from 1000rpm without shunting or missing a beat, that’s drive-ability.


Easy Installation

Each SC system is supplied with a very comprehensive installation manual providing step by step instructions together with comprehensive diagrams and drawings to assist the build

If you are handy with a spanner you can fit the SC systems.
All pulleys and brackets are self aligning to ensure correct assembly.

Time taken by our customers when working in the evenings is around 15-20 hours.  All comment when finished how satisfying it was to build their own installation, fire the engine up and to drive it for the first time.
When familiar with the system, it can be built in 8-10 hours.

The SC systems are supplied with all parts to complete the build, with the exception of minor wiring revisions to the existing electrical harness and the EPROM chip, if required.

Is your car suitable?

The SC systems are specified to the standard engine build.  Maximum hp is contained within the limitations of the engine or driveline of each model variant. 



Engine and driveline


Engines should be in good fettle and without excessive wear.  If unsure of the engine condition, we advise that cylinder leak down and compression tests are carried out, as well as a camshaft check.  This can be simply carried out by measuring the valve/pushrod movement to ensure the cam shaft lobes are uniform and not worn excessively.

For customers wanting more power, and there are some, the performance of the SC system can be specified against their engine build to ensure optimal and maximum performance.

The standard cooling system works exceptionally well , there is no need to change the radiator or revise the cooling system.


Brakes and suspension


SC systems do not increase vehicle top speed, only performance throughout the engine rev range.  Power delivery is very smooth, without surge and ensures the chassis and suspension and driver are not overstressed.
Standard fitment suspension and brakes work fine, it is not necessary to upgrade these parts for normal road usage.
If planning to use your car on track, we do recommend as a minimum upgrading the brake pads or brake system to handle the heat soak conditions as well as upgrading the suspension to control weight transfer and handling.


SC Power design objective: To produce more Hp/ton than a Porsche GT3

Approximate Supercharged Hp  Assuming 15% trans. loss

Flywheel HP
Weight in KG
Power/Weight ratio

Porsche GT3



297 HP per tonne




292 HP per tonne




320 HP per tonne




343 HP per tonne

Performance that speaks for itself


System cost from £39/hp increase. Compare this to any other conversion


Rear wheels, Actual Dyno results @ 15% drive-line loss

Flywheel Calculated

SC 400 265 Bhp 280 Ft/lbs Click for Power Graph

310 Bhp 329 Ft/lbs

SC 450 290 Bhp 304 Ft/lbs Click for Power Graph

340 Bhp 357 Ft/lbs

SC 500 316 Bhp 330 Ft/lbs Click for Power Graph

370 Bhp 388 Ft/lbs



Reference: Normally aspirated engine outputs

Flywheel Calculated

400 (NA) 180 Bhp 200 Ft/lbs

212 Bhp 235 Ft/lbs

450 (NA) 211 Bhp 241 Ft/lbs

248 Bhp 283 Ft/lbs

500 (NA) 221 Bhp 271 Ft/lbs

260 Bhp 319 Ft/lbs


Drive line power losses between the engine flywheel and the rear wheels vary dependant upon in which gear the dynamometer test is carried out, the condition of the vehicle drive line, atmospherics and tolerance of the rolling road.

Typical quoted power losses vary between 15 and 22%, for this reason TVR Power state the achieved Bhp and Torque at the rear wheels and quote flywheel horsepower based upon the minimum losses of 15%, in effect the lowest realistic output. SC 400 delivers stunning performance superior to its naturally aspirated TVR 500HC stable mate.

The drive-ability of the car is excellent, with the system returning good fuel consumption better than the 5.0 litre. Driving the Supercharged cars is an unbelievable experience; members of TVRCC will have read in TVR Sprint the excellent reviews of the car and installation.

The SC450 delivers greater performance as demonstrated by the performance graph than the SC400, whilst retaining the excellent drive-ability for which the SC cars are becoming known. SC500 achieves superlative performance equal to the dunlop challenge race car, ensuring a huge constant grin when watching fellow tivers shrink in the rear view mirror, the SC500 delivering 340hp per ton with driver. What do you get?


SC Power Ltd Supercharger assembly

Induction system

Performance enhancing secondary air plenum, intake tube from air flow meter to Secondary plenum, cross tube and hoses from Supercharger to primary plenum, air pressure release valve, bypass hoses and hose clamps for each union.


Heat shield between the exhaust and Supercharger (LH), heat shield between the exhaust and plenum intake (RH), coolant top hose and modified engine coolant Swirl Pot.

Engine related parts

Hi performance fuel regulator with supply and feed hoses, mounting bracket for SC Oil reservoir and Coil components, mounting bracket for hi performance fuel regulator if fitted, power steering hoses, vacuum hose for system operation and blanking plug to seal plenum.

Available options:

Polished Supercharger faceplate and air cross tube to improve appearance (Anodised standard finish), polished finish to Swirl pot and Coolant expansion tank, Finish of parts as supplied, Uniform loading hi specification hose clamps to improve hose security, conventional SS hose clamps standard fitment, primary plenum spacer incorporating heat sink to improve throttle response and performance.



 The SC500 IC Package is now complete, the system intake temperatures being reduced, permitting more effective filling of the combustion chambers with further advance of the ignition. The result is quite staggering with a significant increase in performance without loss of throttle response.

 This Intercooler is available as part of the SC500 package or as an individual item available as an retrospective upgrade to installed supercharger systems.

The intercooler pipes shown on the picture below right are currently fitted to our development car. All intercooler kits that we sell will come with polished tubes..

kit engine