Speed Six & Rover V8 Engine Mounts

Two different mounts for two different engines

Speed-six-engine-mountRover V8 engine mount

We designed the mountings because the standard engine mount cannot cope with power increases, any extra heat or aggresive drving. It also soon came to our attention that the standard mounts were more of a problem with the speed six engine'nd cars.

Features and benefits

  • The engine mount has an in built torque restraint system which controls engine movement at all times eliminating the risk of damage to engine ancillary equipment whilst minimising noise, vibration and harshness.
  • Rover V8 engine mountRover V8 engine mount
  • Risk of damage to engine ancillary equipment is eliminated due to control of engine position.

  • The compound used was developed for Formula 1 applications, has excellent vibration absorption characteristics and is able to work in high heat applications exceeding the temperatures generated by the speed6 engine.
  • Rover V8 engine mountSpeed Six Engine mount
  • The engine mount has been redesigned to permit lateral adjustment to eliminate engine mount preload.

These factors generate excessive stress and loading to the engine mount causing premature failure.

Standard TVR/Rover engine mounts fail prematurely for many reasons:

  • Transmitted torque exceeds the maximum loading of engine mount

  • The dimensional span between engine mounts differs by 6mm from the chassis dimension causing difficult installation and excessive pre load to the mount when installed. The engine mount only offers dimension tolerance and vertical movement in Z axis. There is no built in adjustment for width in Y axis.

  • The temperature environment on the exhaust side exceeds the maximum working temperature of the rubber compound.

  • In the event of mount failure, the engine may drop causing damage to engine ancillary equipment.
  • Speed six engine mountspeed 6 section

    Mounts are £90.00 each

    Including delivery for a pair inside the U.K.

    If you live outside the UK then please contact us for correct postage.


    Speed Six The ultimate engine mount for the speed six engine
    One or Two
    Rover V8 The ultimate engine mount for the Rover V8
    One or Two