What a monster 444 Bhp 397 ftlb, Raised the limiter 468 Bhp 414 ftlbs. Way to go MBE

Posted by TVR Power on Tuesday, 3 November 2015
Supercharged V8 Mk3 Capri
Link to Tony Coopers website

Ben Gott Racing in his mid engined Rover V8 Off Road Buggy.

This Buggy has a Supercharger & intercooler system designed by SC Power


Nick Simpsons in car footage of his drive round Cadwell on a TVRCC track day in his SC450 Chimaera

Part 1


Part 2 of Nicks in car footage

Andy Race tests SC Power's aero kit on his Dunlop Tuscan Challenge Griffith round Snetterton on a cold January track day. 5mins

Low - 30mb

High - 50mb

SC Power video footage of TVR Monsters annual tour to the Nurburgring and Spa

Journey to the ring Part 1 - 7mins 9sec

Low - 26mb

High - 104mb



Journey to the ring Part 2 - 4mins 37sec

Low - 17mb

High - 66.5mb



Half a lap of the ring with Andy Race driving his Tuscan Challenge Griffith - 7mins

Low - 25mb

High - 100mb


Half a lap of the ring with the SC500 - 4mins 40

Low - 16.5mb

High - 66mb


Full lap round the Ring - 10mins 30

Low - 39mb

High - 113mb


Full lap round the Ring at double speed - 5mins 25

Low - 20mb

High - 78mb

TVR Monster filming from behind a Corvette ZO6, Lamborghini Diablo and the SC500 round Spa.


2007 Dunlop Tuscan Challenge at Oulton Park - 43mb - 8mins



SC Power and TVR Power test all three supercharged cars with EVO magazine in the wet round Mallory Race Circuit - 32mb - 4mins


SC500 on TVR Power's rolling road - 5.3mb - 2mins


SC450 on the rolling road for the first time - 11.4mb 1min


TVR Car Club's Brands Hatch track day with the SC400 2006 - 9.3mb - 2mins 30



The SC400 has some fun with with TVR Monster's Griffith round Spa

An unsilenced SC400 at the Blackpool Back home meet 2006 - 11mb - 50sec