SC Supercharger systems now available for RV8/TVR Pre-Serpentine engines

Historical statement

SC Power initially released Supercharger systems for the Serpentine belt range of V8 engines, these being introduced around 1996 to TVR.
The Serpentine belt system being introduced by Rover to cater for the increasing range of engine driven optional equipment being offered by the manufacturer had the capability of driving the supercharger.

Prior to the introduction of the Serpentine drive belt system the engine ancillary equipment was driven by a V-Belt configuration, this limiting ancillary equipment drive options unless additional drive belts were incorporated.  The base V-Belt system unfortunately did not have the capability to drive the supercharger to reach the objective horsepower demanded without further engine modifications.
Further reviews were carried out of the options to modify the Pre Serpentine engine enabling the supercharger to be driven.  These options included the update of an engine to Serpentine specification or the direct drive of the supercharger via a dedicated Serpentine style belt.   A study confirmed that this could be achieved using a revised belt layout incorporating both V-Belt and Serpentine belt drive systems from a unique crankshaft pulley.
This unique system has proved to be extremely viable providing a low cost means of updating the pre-serpentine engines to a level where a supercharger can be driven.

The Build

To support the build of a Pre Serpentine specification Supercharged RV8 engine SC Power and HMS in Norfolk cooperated to evaluate and market this new RV8 engine option.  John Halstead of HMS built an engine and manufactured the unique twin belt alloy crankshaft pulley able to drive the supercharger and power steering pump if fitted.

The pre-serpentine supercharger system is of common design to the proven Serpentine engine range of SC systems now available, these systems achieving significant power increase together with excellent driveability with proven reliability.
This unique development now provides a cost effective solution to upgrade a Pre Serpentine engine to full supercharged specification

John Halstead
Mobile: 07765 596575
Address: HMS
Bell Boats
Waterside, Brundall
NR13 5QA